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Elektra Kappa 2B 2 Group Full Automatic

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Product Description


  • MANUAL DISPENSING OF COFFEE - The coffee may be dispensed manually whatever the state of the machine, even if there is a serious alarm, provided water is being supplied from the mains.
  • AUTOMATIC DISPENSING OF COFFEE - The coffee may be dispensed in preset amounts, but only when all the envisaged operating and protective conditions have been satisfied; it is impossible to manually stop dispensing in this mode.
  • NIGHT CYCLE MANAGEMENT - The machine enters into a state/time period with a very low temperature. When this state/time period has elapsed, the machine is brought up to the ideal temperature. This is therefore an energy saving function! Scale buildup is avoided!
  • WARMING THE CUPS - The cups may be warmed on the heated cup warmer whenever desired. The operator switches it on and off, but it also switches off automatically when the cup warmer temperature exceeds a maximum value.
  • WORKING AREA DIVIDED INTO COFFEE AND WATER-STEAM ZONES. - Possibility of having working surfaces 74 mm or 137 mm high. Comprises two independent grids with a raised part for the coffee zone. Helps the bar waiter’s work in preparing coffee together with the operator preparing cappuccino/tea!
  • VERY LARGE WATER AND STEAM NOZZLE - Very large containers for milk/water may be used.
  • LARGE TOP CUP WARMER - Surely the largest cup warmer on the market!!
  • DRIP TRAY DRAINING INTO CENTRAL HOLE + LARGE TRAY AND LARGE HOLE - No more problems of a blocked drain! The tray is always clean!


  • SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE WORK - Intended to allow scheduled maintenance of the appliance. A series of maintenance calls/work may be activated. based on the count of
    1. time interval,
    2. number of dispensed coffees,
    3. water consumption.
  • MANAGEMENT OF MAJOR FAULTS - Advises calling the service center in the case of:
    - no water supply from the mains
    - heating element cutout activated
    - faulty boiler water level control system
    - faulty boiler water temperature control system
  • MANAGEMENT OF MINOR FAULTS - In the case of minor faults/problems the machine does not stop but requires repair.
    - Faulty water softening system
    - Buffer battery run down
  • MECHANICAL COFFEE DISPENSING KEYPADS WITH 5 BUTTONS - Very high reliability achieved thanks to their sturdiness. Maintenance is simpler and cheaper, since it is possible to replace just the keypad or even just a single button. Improved control ergonomics.
  • PUMP ACCESSIBLE FROM FRONT - The brewing pressure can be regulated or the motor/pump replaced by just removing the lower front panel without dismantling the housing or other parts.


  • ELECTRONIC PROTECTION OF THE HEATING ELEMENTS - Consists of a safety level sensor that cuts off the power supply to the heating elements. A programming key is used to reset. This means considerable simplification and cost reduction.
  • ELECTRONIC PROTECTION AGAINST OVERHEATING - The heating elements are deactivated and a major fault alarm is given in the case of:
    - anomalous duration of heating (too high)
    - allowable maximum temperature value exceeded
  • ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENT OF MAINS WATER PRESSURE - An electronic pressure sensor ensures automatic protection against failed water supply from the mains.
  • AUTOMATIC REGENERATION RESET - This function automatically protects the machine from using salt water in the event of a fault.


  • ELECTRONIC CONTROL OF THE BOILER WATER TEMPERATURE - Gives priority to a constant coffee temperature rather than steam temperature and pressure. The brewing temperature may be regulated, according to the requirements of:
    the customer, 2. the blend being used, 3. the environmental conditions.
    Accomplished by an INNOVATIVE electronic temperature sensor.
  • ELECTRONIC CONTROL OF THE BOILER WATER LEVEL - A level sensor controls the input of water into the boiler, keeping the level constant.
  • ELECTRONIC SWITCHING ON OF THE MACHINE THROUGH LOW-POWER SWITCH - Automatically controls powering of the heating elements, but only when all the machine operating parameters have been satisfied. The main power switch is eliminated.
  • ELECTRONIC CONTROL SYSTEM WITH SINGLE CONTROL UNIT AND REMOTE POWER SWITCH. - Built-in, flexible management of all machine functions. Greater reliability than with independent control units + on/off switch + heating element cutout + electromechanical power pressure switch, which are eliminated. This system comprises an independent power board, an independent signal board and a contactor dedicated solely to powering the heating element.
  • CASH DESK MANAGEMENT - Allows the instant making of a coffee in relation to each key/group to be communicated through a serial line to a cash register, data sink, etc.,. Direct connection on electronic control unit, after implementation of a suitable communication protocol with external device.


  • BASIC PROGRAMMING - To be carried out solely by the installer/maintenance person or by the bar owner. It also offers the possibility of service via telephone. Carried out using key, display, enter key and the “+” and “-“ keys on the keypads. The system has been made to give simple and direct information to do the following operations:
    - Selection of language
    - Setting of date and time
    - Management of brewing temperature
    - Storage of measured mains water hardness
    - Selection of softener type
    - Programming of coffee doses
    - Programming of night cycle
    - Reset of heating element cutout
    - Rinsing or flushing through
    - Reset of scheduled maintenance call
    - Display and reset of number of coffees
    - Display and reset of water consumption
  • SPECIAL PROGRAMMING - To be carried out solely by the dealer’s specialized technician. Carried out using PC + direct connection on electronic control unit and ELEKTRA program. Allows customization of certain machine functions according to important marketing or individual end customer requirements.
  • ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENT OF THE BREWING PRESSURE - Allows manual regulation of the pump pressure while dispensing a coffee. Carried out through the electronic pressure sensor that also measures the mains water pressure. The mechanical pressure gauge is eliminated.


    Press the enter button to display the following parameters:
    -boiler pressure;
    -increase (or decrease) of set brewing temperature;
    -mains water pressure;
    -brewing pressure;
    -volume of softened water still available before the next addition of salt.
    The system records the total number of coffees dispensed by each key for each group. The count may only be set to zero through reset key and password.
    The system records the following water consumption:
    -total volume of consumed softened water;
    -total volume of consumed hard water.
    The count may only be set to zero through reset key and password.


  • Start of dispensing only upon reaching the ideal brewing temperature.
  • Control of brewing suitability according to Italian espresso standards.

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